It’s as easy as that! So easy that we feel you’ll even be able to understand if we give you directions in the form of a poorly written poem. Without further ado:

Have midterms got you feeling blue?
Then perhaps a small cupped cake will do.
It may not help you pass,
And might add some fat to your ass,
But it is hard to beat
A yummy baked treat.

To Lerner ramps you must scurry
From noon till one-thirty
And if you want food for free,
Sporting blue you best be.
So come on, for Pete’s sake,
Go get a sweet cuppin’ cake!

Or in prose: In honor of Homecoming Week, the student councils will be giving out free cupcakes on the Lerner ramps from 12:00-1:30 to anyone wearing blue.

Update: There is a BBQ on Lehman Lawn from 11:30-1:30 to celebrate Founder’s Day at Barnard. It’s free for BC, but Columbia students have to swipe a meal to get in.