Ricky’s, The Aftermath

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Bwog stopped by a ransacked Ricky’s to chat with the assistant manager, Jorge Artiva, about naked pirates and other things that made us slightly uncomfortable. In case you’re curious, the zombie costume was the most popular (but was it as good as this one?!) and the Lone Ranger was left, well, alone. 

Bwog: So what’s the strangest thing you witnessed?

Ricky’s: Someone came nude to the store. No clothes. Totally naked with body paint.

What did you say?

Please don’t take off your skin. [Laughs]. They’re students. A girl and a man dressed like pirates— a couple of naked pirates!

I have no idea if you’re serious right now.

What, you’ve never seen a naked pirate?

Not recently.

You gotta watch better porn.

Guess so. What’s the most ridiculous costume you sell here?

The one with the big titties.

Did someone buy it?

They sold out.

And what were you for Halloween?

I was pretending to be a whore, but I saw down the corner there was too much competition. [Chuckles]. See you’re laughing too much, now I gotta charge you.

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  1. This

    is the most awkward/useless thing I've seen on Bwog in a while. I loved every second of it :)

  2. kinky bi-racial shit

    Q: What's the most ridiculous couple you've seen at your store, kind sir?

    A: A biracial couple, asian guy and white chick, came in. Wanted chopsticks and rice hat and a laptop computer and shit. I was like, what you need chopsticks for?

    She says "I like my nipples twisted/squeezed. I thought it'd be kinky to have it done with chopsticks."

    "And the rice hat?"

    She answers, "That's for my asian bf who likes it when i crouch down and pee into the rice hat and he likes to lap it with his tongue."

    "Nice. Good for him! ...and the laptop? I don't sell laptops but i do sell web cams if that's what you want the laptop for!"

    She says, "Nah. The laptop is for my asian boyfriend to be able to log onto Bwog after sex to post a comment regarding about his goal of coming to columbia, partying, becoming an ibanker and marrying a white woman."

  3. Ridiculously confused  

    ..about this new Asian guy CC'12 meme..


  4. Anonymous  

    fucking douchebags, bring back kim's.

  5. Anonymous  

    I miss Harmony Hunter.

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