The Grass Really Is Greener

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Behold the marriage of modernism and nature! Or at least something green. In this urban jungle we’ll take what we can get.

The hardscrabble, weeds, and dead shrubs that littered the raised-plaza-thing outside NoCo have blossomed into perfectly manicured grass sod. Looks like a great place for the kids in the brochures to lay out and read books. No red flags here. Yet.

Goes well with: iced Joe and a sunny disposition.


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  1. Anonymous

    Looks nice. Show us more pictures. Columbia is supposed to be redoing that entire quad of Havemeyer, Chandler, Pupin, Noco.

  2. Lolwut  

    Just in time for Winter! Thanks again, Columbia. Surprised you haven't put up a red flag with it.

  3. Anonymous  

    bwoggg please come back
    i miss you

  4. Oh Bwog!

    These past five days have been torturous, worse even than the annual wait for my final exam grades. I have missed you so much.

    A weekend without snarky comments; a weekend without unwarranted yet nonetheless worrisome existential crises; a weekend without free food!

    And don't think I didn't try Spec - biggest waste of time in my life. They couldn't even tell me where Harmony was.

    Life just isn't the same without you, Bwog.
    I need you in my life.

  5. Anonymous  

    this post was better before it was changed. I tried to show friends but the funny was gone.

  6. Where the fuck  

    is HardCore?

  7. curious white girl

    never been attracted to asian guys but i have always had this curiosity to get banged by 2 asian guys at the same time lol.

    - cute white girl

    • curious white boy  

      I am not and (probably) never will be asian, but I do have the tendency to squint my eyes in carnal delight at the first signs of an impending 'release.' And I just so happen to have an asian friend with an anal fetish who I found on craigslist. Because I just a 'forward' person who doesn't take shi* from no one. So depending on how receptive you are to a little role/ethnicity playing, I think I have what it takes to turn your fantasy in reality.

      - cute white boy

    • Clarence Boddicker  

      Bitches leave.

  8. Anonymous  

    Since when did Bwog become [email protected]?

  9. Anonymous  

    there's a fence there now. haha columbia moves so fast

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