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Live, from Roone Arledge Auditorium, it’s the creative team for the 118th Annual Varsity Show! The producers of V117 have just announced the students responsible for creating this year’s edition of the VShow, and their credentials seem pretty impressive.

  • Director: Alex Hare, CC ’13 – Director of XMAS! 5 and the upcoming CMTS Musical Revue, and actor in V116 and XMAS! 4
  • Writer: John Goodwin, CC ’12 – Writer for XMAS! 4, and actor in V115 and V116
  • Writer: Jeff Stern, CC ’12 – Writer for XMAS! 5, and writer/performer in Chowdah
  • Producer: Hillary Kritt, BC ’12 – Co-president of Columbia University Players Performing Arts League and the Columbia Musical Theatre Society, and actor in V116 and the upcoming XMAS! 6
  • Producer: Ben Harris, CC ’14 – Technical director for V117
  • Art Director: Stephen Davan, CC ’12 – Art director for Urinetown, and set designer for V116
  • Composer/Lyricist: Solomon Hoffman, CC ’14 – Composer/lyricist for the upcoming XMAS! 6, musical director for the upcoming CMTS Musical Revue, and musical assistant on V117
  • Composer/Lyricist: Tareq Abuissa, CC ’14 – Member of Uptown Vocal and the CU Orchestra
  • Choreographer: Adrianna Aguilar, BC ’13 – Assistant choreographer for V117, and coordinator of CU Dance Marathon

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  1. c'mon  







  2. Anonymous Hilary really president of CUP? Check your facts, folks. She's co-president of both CUPAL and CMTS. She also directed Urinetown and produced Bat Boy.

  3. Adam

    Congrats guys! DREAM TEAM.

  4. Anonymous  

    What a great team! Congratulations everyone!!

  5. Anonymous  

    Don't forget that Alex is the director for CMTS' upcoming Musical Revue and that Solomon is the Musical director!!!!

  6. YES

    Congrats to Solomon and Tareq--with both of them writing, this is gonna be BOMB

  7. Anonymous  

    so many men...i mean, a great group, of course, but where are the female writers and composers? where you at?

    • simple  

      all females with any talent didn't go to this school. None of the men have talent but sexist ellitism makes them think that they do. I mean sweany todd and jacob rice are good current examples and the lack of any true social community helps to explain the why. In other words the best satire is seen in the divine comedy that is the student center.....also known as butler cafe. I would say give up but the rest of us at a real school take pleasure reading this pretend publication

      Being the King of the jungle means nothing when society and culture is outside of the forest

      - Sincererly, James Harvard Dean

      • Anonymous  

        "Sweeney Todd" is undeniably the one and only way to correctly spell Sweeney Todd. "sweany todd" is just one of many ways to prove you're a fucking idiot.

        • I do not think  

          that the show that was put on was on par with the correct spelling. You are of course correct and anyone, an idiot or not, can see that. Your responce only gives mine more credit. Look at how you reacted. Stay on your red flag grass because you would not survive outside of it.

          Sincerely, James Harvard Dean

    • please

      In years past and in years the future, just not this year. Where are the male choreographers?

  8. Anonymous  

    I'M SO EXCITED this is a dream come true! V118 is going to be incredible!

  9. Anonymous  

    What an amazing creative team. Every single one of these dudes is mad talented and I cannot, cannot, cannot WAIT to see the show next semester! Congrats, guys!

  10. JJ5  

    Congrats, Solomon! Totally deserves it after all the work he put into V-show last year.

  11. Anonymous

    How did someone who spells "response" as "response get into Columbya?

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