Hurry, Now’s Your Chance to Get a Phallic Balloon

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A tipster reports that there is a balloon artist on College Walk right now! Word is he’ll only be around for another twenty minutes, so you better step on it if you don’t want to miss a golden opportunity to show off your immaturity.

Update: Said tipster informs us that the balloon artist is from Balloonasaurus Rex Entertainment, and he’s “available for functions, parties, shindigs, and hootenannies.”


The snow is gone, so balloon penises are all we have right now

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  1. Colin Jaffe

    Sometimes a balloon bazooka is just a balloon bazooka, folks.

    We'll come back sometime and make some more sculptures. College Walk was a fun place to make balloons, even if I had to retrieve my octopus from the field behind us.

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