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Cooler looking than plastic

…water, obviously. What’d ya think we were talking about, silly? Our well-hydrated friends at Hillel are currently stationed on College Walk, and they’d really love to chat with you about their ridiculously-named new fundraiser, Chugging for Change. Challenge your crazy Columbian friends to chug water for charity—the more change you donate, the more they’ll have to chug. We hear it’s good practice for other chugging endeavors as well.

Hillel will also offer free snacks and hot chocolate until 1 pm for chuggers and non-chuggers alike, though we think you’d do well to take it a lil’ slower with the hot beverages.

Egyptian water bottles via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Anonymous  

    hahaahah this is awesome.

  2. Anonymous  

    Sara Liben is a rockstar

  3. Anonymous

    They realize this is dangerous right? Didn't they take DARE and learn about that girl who drank 12 bottles of water after taking half a tab of e and died of hyperhydration?

  4. hmm

    In the very least this kind of behavior reinforces a false sense of security, and a complacency based in false intuition, regarding the dangers of an activity with fatal risks. As funny as the pun in their title may be, they should find a way to raise funds for charity without endangering their well-intentioned members.

  5. Anonymous

    The people who have died from drinking too much water were the ones drinking plain old drinking water. If it were gatorade, or anything else with electrolytes, it would be completely safe because the cells in your body would actually be exchanging sodium and other types of ions in your blood cells via cell membrane. PLAIN water has nothing in it and would just dilute your blood cells from necessary sodium and other ions and would probably cause many of your cells to swell and ultimately kill you. ... Source: Basic Biology.

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