And They’re Off!

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Occupy CU has just departed from campus to march downtown and join the student strike. The pack of students has been joined by striking employees from Verizon and students from CSUNY Albany. According to one of the organizers:

“We have the sidewalk outside gates, NYPD is here. CWA marchers have joined us in a large group! Group is getting in the subway now”

While still on-campus, the group was approached by Robert Taylor, Executive Director of Student Development and Activities, who in essence told them that they needed to become a coalition if they wanted to be able to book space (for purposes of “occupation”). Occupy CU is opposed to this, as a coalition mandates official leadership.

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  1. Anonymous  

    so are these the 2.5'ers at columbia?

  2. Hmm  

    Like the message, but hate the people--what do?

    • Anonymous

      Why do you hate us? And who is "the people"? We're a pretty big and heterogeneous group.

    • You should

      Come to the GA tomorrow at 12:30 and see how you like it! I am a senior who has been involved in this movement and who also didn't really "like the people" at first... but then I actually started talking to them, hanging out with them, etc. and I realized that I do like them, that judging people based on their image or whatever is stupid, and that they, unlike a lot of the people on this campus are willing to actually stand up and try to fight a lot of the bullshit that surrounds all of us. And we're all friendly, I promise!

      • Anonymous

        Why should it be important whether or not you like the people? Isn't this movement centered around an ideology? It sounds like you're trying to convince someone to join a student club or go to a party. But then again, I guess that speaks to the importance/relevance of this silly Occupy Columbia stunt. Just be a good student and go to class.

  3. Alumnus

    Yawn. Wake me up when they start a hunger strike.

  4. Anonymous

    Hunger strike-topus 4ever!

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