Saturday Morning Cartoons: Thanksgiving Edition

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Thanksgiving can sometimes leave you with a stomach full of joy, but other times it can leave you wishing you were back at school. Bwog prepares you for the latter scenario in this week’s installment of Saturday Morning Cartoons. Brace yourselves readers, for the Thanksgiving from hell. Daryl Seitchik, BC ’12, showcases her gifted hand for elaborate drawing, as her demented caricatures jump off of the page in her holiday-themed cartoon, “Thanks”.

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  1. Anonymous  

    Daryl Seitchik, you are an awesome comic artist.

  2. Anonymous  

    omg daryl is amazing

  3. this  

    fucking rules so much. I love the style.

  4. Anonymous  

    more more more. this is frickin sweet.

  5. i find daryl  

    very attractive. is she a single girl? she's a good girl.

  6. Anonymous  

    I like how it spells "kids you ate" vertically

  7. fuckkk  

    im so high right now

  8. Anonymous

    Are you getting enough to eat? Are you dating anyone? Do you have enough warm clothing? These are the questions we will ask our bubeleh when she gets home from NYC Tuesday evening. Signed, a Barnard dad

  9. Martin

    Daryl, I love this!

  10. connoisseur  

    Wow a brilliant and beautiful creation. And this is coming from a connoisseur.

  11. Anonymous  

    just wondering, how did she color this?

  12. Anonymous  


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