Overheard: The Dealbreaker

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As Patti Stanger would advise the future millionaires in all of us, dating often requires figuring out your five “non-negotiables.” You know, dogs, financial security, religion, kids…and this:

Guy 1: How did your date go?

Guy 2: Great man, she is awesome. The only reason we aren’t dating is because she doesn’t like Radiohead.

Guy 1: What?! But they have above nine ratings on Pitchfork!

Guy 2: I know man, I know.

Guy 1: You should dump her.

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  1. I think  

    They should just date each other

  2. Nate  


    Haha sorry, but I actually really enjoyed this.

  3. Anonymous  

    people this lame can't be real...can they?

  4. The Real Issue...  

    If that woman knows who this guy is, now she knows to stay away.

  5. Anonymous  

    Damn, shit like this actually happens in real life?

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