Soon we won't even be allowed to play our trombones in the streets

To celebrate the two month anniversary of OWS, protestors pledged to shut down the NYSE. While so far unsuccessful, police and protestors are already clashing outside the Exchange doors. (Gothamist, NYTimes)

Protest is sure to be especially charged today, after a New York State Supreme Court justice ruled that those from OWS do not “have a First Amendment right to remain in Zuccotti Park along with their tents, structures, generators and other installations.” (Bloomberg)

Police have arrested a man suspected of firing two shots at the White House last Friday night. (NYTimes)

Once the people’s potty, Starbucks is closing down its bathrooms to the public across New York City. (New York Post)

In case all of this news makes you want to hole up and read comics, your dream might come true. Chris Claremont, comic writer most famous for his work on the X-Men series, will donate his archives to the Rare Book and Manuscript Library. (PublishersWeekly)

Muted trombone via wikimedia.