The Man just doesn't want you to find out the truth

Turns out Bank of America’s $5 monthly debit fee was actually an attempt to be more transparent, but consumer outrage killed the surcharge before it reached fruition. (Atlantic)

The Murdochs, no strangers to lying to the public, could be in more trouble as new legal documents suggest that News Corp paid off victims once they realized their position was “perilous.” (Reuters)

After numerous visits from Jordanian Royalty, PrezBo returns the favor, visiting the Queen of Jordan to discuss “[Columbia University Middle East Research Center]’s strategy and programmes for the upcoming year and their accomplishments to date.” (Petra)

China is funding “Confucius Institutes” at various universities across the country, including Columbia. The catch: if you want the money, you have to avoid touchy topics like Taiwan, Tibet, and the like. (Businessweek)

More controversy over the Manhattanville expansion plans as the $150 million given to the West Harlemt Local Development Fund has not been properly distributed and lacks transparency, coming under fire from local politicians. (Spec, DNAinfo)

Not the world’s most transparent document via Wikimedia Commons