rose glass

We prefer to look at the future through a couple of rosé-colored glasses

Need a job? Take heart, because your search just got easier. Governor Cuomo has launched a new website to help those on the hunt for employment. (Observer)

Including Columbia, a grand total of 15 hopeful universities have submitted proposals for new engineering campuses to Mayor Bloomberg. “All of the submissions were stronger than anything we could have possibly imagined,” he commented giddily. (Bloomberg)

The Mets, tired of losing all the time always, have found the source of their problems: their ballpark is obviously way too big. They seem to believe that once Citi Field is shortened, they will be able to hit more home runs than their opponents will. (NYTimes)

And who says the economy isn’t recovering? Remember when you guys spent all that money on costumes and candy last weekend? Well it looks like Americans spent almost $7 billion on Halloween this year, including $300 million on pet costumes. (Atlantic)

Speaking of 7 billion, yesterday our world population surpassed just that very number. Look how far we’ve come! And we still have room to grow. (Wired)

Eyesight impairment via Wikimedia Commons