Proportions, everybody's got 'em

College students are now borrowing more money than ever before, with average student debt at $25,000. (NPR)

In an event of epic proportions, Stephen Mitchell has released a new translation of Homer’s Iliad, but can Mitchell enter the fray with Fagles and Lattimore? (New Yorker)

A Carnegie-Mellon student walking through the park at 3 am was arrested by police officers and detained for 36 hours for failure to present ID. Unless a fan of early 20th century Czech literature, she was most likely not amused. (NYTimes)

To put her plight in perspective, the NYPD has been accused of inadequately self-policing after a slew of high-profile corruption cases have been brought to light by outside agencies. (NYTimes)

Even if you’re in debt, caught up in a scandal with some crooked cops, sitting in a jail cell, and upset by the new Iliad translation, you can take solace in the fact that the freshman 15 is just a myth. According to two researchers first-year students gain an average of three pounds, no more than people of the same age who are not in college. (LA Times)

According to the latest census, New York City is roughly 2 square miles smaller than previously estimated. (NYTimes)

Sketchy bodies via Wikimedia