"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing."

After #OWS’ recent eviction from Zuccotti Park, many questions remain: Is this legal? What happens next? Is there “life after #Occupy?” Most importantly, why was Hipster Cop not in on the raid? (WSJ, NYT, Slate, Gothamist)

As owners and players refuse to budge, and both sides prepare to take the issue to court, will the NBA season be completely canceled? (New Yorker)

Not even a lockout or the #OWS crackdown can stop Jay-Z’s love of self-promotion, as the Nets held their own rally in downtown Brooklyn yesterday—but did anyone show up? (NYT)

Seeing as how neither a sex scandal nor this guy have sunk his presidential chances yet, will Herman Cain’s latest gaffe on Libya have much of an effect on voters? (Guardian, MSNBC)

Socrates via Wikimedia Commons