Four (or more) years of Columbia tuition certainly isn’t cheap, and you’re not alone if you find yourself occasionally wondering if your time here is really worth it. “What’s the use?” you ask. “I’ll just graduate, pester my friends/family/craigslist until one of them hooks me up with a job, and my diploma will simply hang on a wall for the rest of my life.” If this conundrum has you fervently wishing that you didn’t have to spend the price of a Mercedes roadster for a piece of paper with the signature of some CEO-looking fellow on it, well, your prayers have been answered. For at least one of you. Because right now, on eBay, you can purchase a Columbia diploma for a mere $195!

Sure, it’s from 1955, and sure, your name probably isn’t Herbert Adler, but who looks that close? Just hang it up next to a bunch of pictures of your family and no one will think twice about it (reading fine print is so 1999). But you better act fast, because it looks like there’s only one!


Makes a great holiday gift!

Thanks to TT for the tip