After an abbreviated week, thirsty Thursday is upon us again. The Columbia Bartending Agency brings you a new way to quench yourself in Drinking with Bwog. This week, the impeccable Elliot Grieco explains how to pop bottles like a gentleman.

clink clink

Whether because you just got that job offer or you have had your 16th application rejected, any time is a good time for bubbly. While a champagne explosion is always fun, there’s always an occasion to impress your friends with some smooth champagne moves.

  • Step 1: Open a chilled bottle! A cold champagne bottle is both safer and easier to open and, of course, more satisfying to drink. Before celebration, make sure to prepare a few hours beforehand and chill your champagne. If you buy champagne cold, it is imperative that you keep it cold. Do not let it warm, then refrigerate again.
  • Step 2: Point the bottle away from yourself and others. If you follow our guide, you should have no problem. But to be safest, make sure no one is in the potential flying path of the cork. The tilted bottle will increase the surface area of the carbonated liquid, reducing pressure and minimizing bubbling.
  • Step 3: Place a towel over the bottle and your hand. With your hand over the cork, untwist the wire caging. Make sure to not take the cage off all the way!
  • Step 4: Holding the bottle by the base and the cork firmly, rotate the bottle itself (not the cork) slowly. Ease the bottle off of the cork, and you should hear a faint whipser upon opening the bottle. Be sure to keep your hand over the cork and cage the whole time!

That’s it! Serve in a champagne flute and clink! A plastic John Jay cup is acceptable as well.


Classy clipart via wikimedia.