Bwog’s coming at ya with an early morning news flash: the new Crumbs location on 109th and Broadway will be giving out 1,000 (yes, as in a thousand) free cupcakes tomorrow (today?). But you best be off to sleep soon if you’re looking to nab one; they open at the inconceivably early hour of 7 am(!). Our recommendation: grab one whilst still in pj’s, then scoot back to bed for a nap before your 9 am. You deserve it.

Update, 8:00 am: The lovely people at Crumbs told an early rising Bwogger that they’ve only distributed 20- 30 cupcakes in the last hour, so there are still over 950 free cupcakes left for the taking. You can choose any cupcake you want for free, no matter the price. “Pick the most expensive one you can,” the cashier advised. And there’s no line!

Update, 1:05 pm: Still 200 cupcakes left.

Update, 3:11 pm: And they’re gone! Don’t say we didn’t warn you.