Artist's rendering of Lerner, circa 2012

Sean Zimmermann gives the scoop on the latest dealings of the math-ier side of student government.

Council member William Cybriwsky gave a presentation on how it would cost a mere $123 to purchase a video game system (with games and four controllers) that could be checked out for student use in Lerner. According to his master plan to make Lerner, well, fun, students or groups would be able to rent video game systems from the front desk, and connect them to the televisions in Lerner—which he claims are not being used “effectually” (they are currently used to broadcast information from the student councils. We’ll leave it to you to decide how effective they are…). Ideally, this would turn Lerner from that place you go for mail and meetings into that place you go for mail and meetings and then stay at to play Mario Kart for five hours.

Much more effective use of Ferris Booth’s second floor via Wikimedia Commons