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SGA: $ister, $ister


Bwog’s sassiest of SGA correspondents Renée Kraiem reports. 

Meeting Highlights:

For the first half of the meeting tonight, Rep Council occupied the Diana Café—alone, for a closed meeting.

Rachel Ferrari, BC ’13 and vice president of student government, reported along with a few other members of the Rep Council on the third annual Seven Sisters conference held last weekend at Mount Holyoke. The conference intends to construct a mission statement, relates Ferrari, articulating what it means to be a seven sister. The answer isn’t as clear as one might think, as the Seven Sisters currently include Radcliffe—since absorbed by Harvard—and Vassar, which, though currently 60% female and 40% male, still attends conferences.

New VP of Finance Naomi Cooper (BC ’12) reported from the Joint Council Co-Sponsorships Committee (JCCC), and the Rep Council approved her recommendation to afford student dance group Dhoom SGA’s wedge of the total $500 allocated to support the group as they establish themselves and raise funds for their trip to Atlanta, where they have qualified for a regional competition. The JCCC agreed upon the $500 sum following a report from Dhoom that they had grossly miscalculated their request, because of the way they accounted for their Gatsby fund. and in reality, only really needed $16. Not $160, $16.While they thought co-sponsorship would then bring their expenses to $16, it turns out they will need at least $160.

SGA also encourages you to visit the Barnard Campus Calendar. PrezBla reported that the administration is excited to begin posting its own events on the calendar, so if you’ve ever wanted to catch breakfast with AHinks, now’s your chance.

Upcoming Events:

The next SGA Town Hall will be on Monday, November 28th, in the Diana Event Oval. Ever wonder how Barnard spends your tuition money? Or what Barnard’s financial picture looks like? Occupy the Diana Oval before you get cleaned out—though SGA promises to end the meeting before 1:00 AM.

Next week’s SGA meeting is a high-profile one, as Rep Council and PrezBla will welcome DSpar, President of the College, as its administrative guest. SGA meetings are always open, and held from 8:10-10:10 pm on Mondays in the Diana Café.

Photo from Flickr/heatherelias


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  • not PrezSpa says:

    @not PrezSpa DSpar!

  • Truth says:

    @Truth SGA is totally incompetent this year. Dually recognized groups have not recieved the SGA portion of their allocation, the system of monthly finance reports is in a state of total confusion, and newly recognized groups can’t even get their own accounts.

    Get on your shit.

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous have you contacted SGA to ask them about it instead of just complaining on bwog?

    2. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous SGA just elected a VP finance last meeting…

  • anon says:

    @anon if sga threatens to freeze my group acct one more time, immaknockabitchout

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