Free Food and Basking on College Walk

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The crew from the Varsity Show is posted up on College Walk slinging a spread of free nostalgia-inducing treats: Goldfish, Fruit by the Foot, juice boxes, Silly Bands, games, and VShow glasses. They’ll be out until 4 pm. Auditions for the VShow will be held next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday form 8 to 11 pm in Hamilton Hall.

Snacks on snacks

Crackers + Juiceboxes = Mid-Day Snack of Champions

Also currently on college walk: a reclining Roaree (perhaps dreaming of Millie?)

Snore Lion Snore


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  1. Damn

    Roaree, you so chill.

  2. Anonymous

    vshow's gonna be great

  3. snore, lion, snore


  4. In the campus, the mighty campus

    the lion sleeps tonight.

  5. to clarify  

    I can show up for an audition any of those 3 days at 8? Or any of those 3 days at any time between 8 and 10? Or do I need to be there 8pm on the Wednesday?

  6. Bossjan Nachbar

    Roaree's planking?!?

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