Want to do Something Hardcore?

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And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… From the genius who brought you BwogWeather, comes Hard Core: A Columbian Odyssey. The show traces Pat Blute’s whimsical adventure one man’s grueling odyssey home after he finds himself stranded. He must survive using only his extensive knowledge of the core. The new project already features footage of the Australian Outback, Thailand, and Papua New Guinea. Dean Valentini and Christia Mercer have both agreed to be featured in the videos. The show will air as a 5-night special during finals week. Those who want to do more than wait with bated breath can show up to be an extra tomorrow morning at 9:45 am in Hamilton 202.

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  1. Anonymous

    9.45am on a Friday? Hardcore indeed.

  2. So it begins,  

    the great shitstorm of our time.

  3. MedievalAndFeministPhilosophyFanboy

    I believe you mean to write "Christia" Mercer, don't you?

  4. why do

    punk rockers like avocadoes?

    they have a hard core!

  5. Is there a part for  

    Lioness on the cheese grater?

  6. I have been waiting

    for so long. FINALLY.

  7. Love

    Christia Mercer consistently does the greatest things. Definitely one of Columbia's finest. She spent the duration of my philosophy final running around making sure everyone had enough grapes and oreos to eat while writing.

  8. 5evr alone

    a gurl was studyin in butler late at nite wit her bf n they were sitting next 2 each othr in 209. (U mite crey just wrning) she sed "bbz can i borrow a pen" he said "NO.." da gurl cryd N ran out into da hall but the floor was jus clened so she TRIPPED N FELL n hit her head. boy was cryin and went to pic up her body. she was ded. he whispred 2 her corpse "I ment 2 say u can HAVE my pen........" (dat mean she can keep it) !~!!*~like dis if u crai evertime~*!!~!

  9. objectification  

    shirtless Zak please.

  10. rra2116  

    Pat Blute, I love you.

  11. Anonymous

    PAT IS AMAZING - can not WAIT for this! :D

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