Sisterhood of the Vanishing Pants

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  1. Anonymous  

    Return the pants or the fabric of our community could come apart

  2. Anonymous

    interesting how much nicer this note is from the old "karma's a bitch" threats that used to get posted a couple of years ago when things would go missing... guess thievery has been in a decline this year amongst the dryers

  3. Anonymous  

    oh my god, the tags. Bwog, you inspire me every day.

  4. bitches going crazy?  

    you mean #barnardbitches

  5. Anonymous

    There's no Papyrus on that sign, Bwog

  6. Anonymous  

    someone needs to submit this to, stat.

  7. Anonymous  

    I saw one of these signs and written on it was "I'll give you back your pants if you give me back my bra..." Maybe there's more to this story.

  8. Anonymous  

    She doesn't need her pants back, they're going to be taken off either way.

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