Bwog In Bed: Lucidity Is Overrated

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You’re cordially invited to hop into bed with Bwog for a few minutes, ignore our morning breath, and for the love of God, compliment our PJs already. Should you accept our invitation, read on. Should you reject it, please know that we’re very persistent and then re-evaluate your choice accordingly. Oh, and also, remember to keep us busy by sending the good, the bad, and the questionable to [email protected].

We're not ready to get up yet, either.

Bwogline: The jury’s finally in on that whole iPhone robbery thing—apparently, we Columbia students “can’t have it all.” (NYMag)

Finals tip: Replace instances of the letters “s” and “a” with dollar signs ($) and at-symbols (@) in essay titles to keep your theses fresh and hip.

For more ideas on how to stay “clued in” and “groovy” with the kids during this busy time of year, check out our twitter.

Stressbustyourself: Try this quick neck stretch: Reach your left arm over your head until your fingers are just touching the top of your right ear. Gently pull your head towards your left shoulder, feeling a subtle stretch through the right side of your neck. Hold for a few seconds and feel the muscle lengthen. Then do the same on the other side. (Remember to be gentle!)

Overheard: In the true spirit of finals, one girl gets a little meta on College Walk, while ranting to a friend: “She’s just such a total bitch, and I don’t know how to tell her that without sounding like a bitch.”

Arbitrarily selected sleeping animal photo via Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. HAHAHA  

    I love the "Overheard" quote! She should write spin-off of "Sex and the City" or some other show with witty one-liners. Love it!

  2. Comment from NYMag article  

    "those columbia students are very enterprising. i bet one of them is paying guys to steal phones form other students."

    Hoooshit, they got us!!! They got us good.

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