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More adventures await! Missed out on nights I-III? Catch up here.

Special thanks go to Dean Valentini, the Marching Band (go to Orgo Night), Charlie Dinkin, Cayle Pietras, Christia Mercer, Zak Dychtwald, Kenny Durell, Emeritus Dean Quigley the Sock Monkey, Rakhi Agrawal, Erik Nook, Pierre Gergis, Karla Casariego, Madeleine Jensen, Olivia Levine, Liz Watson, Hannah Fraser, Brian Wagner, Kellie Spyrou, Louise McCune, Homer and Jake Gyllenhaal.

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  1. This  

    is the best episode of the core yet!! DEANTINI?! Pat Blute you never cease to amaze us :)

  2. Anonymous

    The best of the four, sin ninguna duda.

  3. Woah.  

    That just happened.

  4. Anonymous

    that was good cuz they got rid of all that random pat in world shit...

  5. um holy shit

    that was amazing.

  6. Anonymous  

    It didn't tickle my brain like the other ones did.

  7. Waxima Perez  

    This was great! It's really bringing the series together to make some kind of sense. Pat is the greatest!

    He was in my section of Masterpieces of Western Food as a freshman, and in my classes Umami: Secrets of the Forgotten Taste, and Dairy Across Cultures last year. It was hard to grade him objectively because he's so darn cute!! Is he actually saying intelligent things or am I just mesmerized by the way his eyes twinkle? It's a problem a lot of professors have . . .

  8. bringin' it

    all together... nicely done... I feel sort of outsmarted but basically amused. also Valentini is the highlight of my life.

  9. Can I just take a moment to say  

    Jake Gyllenhaal is the epitome of masculinity. I can only hope to have offspring as evolutionarily excellent as he is.

  10. Anonymous  

    ugh why is this still going on

  11. Anonymous

    Christia Mercer is pretty awesome for taking part in this.

  12. Anonymous  

    definitely the best, and Deantini was the reason! probably because I can actually imagine him doing that in real life

  13. Anonymous

    liz is the best. hands down

  14. Anonymous

    I waited all last Fall, through the entirety of BwogWeather, for Pat and Zak to finally make out, and it never bloody happened. And when I saw the new series' name ("HARDCORE!"), I figured it was inevitable this time around. So far it seems that, once again, disappointment is mine. But I refuse to give up hope.

  15. ...  

    much better..... this one really ties the room together. now the question is, what happens in tomorrow's episode? does z.y. fu raise from the grave to pee on it?

  16. hardcore fan  

    episode V is the lit hum final. i'm calling it now.

  17. Anonymous  

    no shirtless zak again....

    this is bullshit

  18. Anonymous  

    pattttycakes - what more is there to say other than that you are amazing!!!! great job!! what a nice little distraction from finals! besitos y lagrimas!

  19. honestly

    the core kinda sucks

  20. Anonymous  

    I love Christia Mercer!

  21. Anonymous  

    @1:50. I lol'd.

    And I think my captcha was:

    romrvi IMF's

    What are you trying to say, Bwog?

  22. Anonymous  

    I realize this was posted several days ago, but I didn't think it worthwhile to watch it until I got to this point trying to completely reorganize a 10-page paper when I should be studying for the two back-to-back information-heavy exams I have tomorrow, and I have to say it seriously made me feel a lot better and put a little Columbia pride into this direst of finals weeks. Thanks guys!

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