Le Petit Déjeuner

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Bonjour! If you are in need of a carbohydrate boost after the exhilaration of Orgo Night spirals down and the dread accompanying the fact that you still have a few thousand words to go on that essay you plan to finish tonight begins to set in, procrastinate even further by stopping by Barnard for the annual Midnight Breakfast. This year, it will be a French buffet and promises a night that will let one “relocate to 20th century Paris, tour the Eiffel Towel, and feast on baguettes.” Make sure to bring along your French major friends so they can stick their noses up in the air and let you know that the croissants they ate last summer in Paris were “soooo much better.”

The repast will be served at LeFrak Gymnasium, and in the order that Barnard likes you; Barnard first-years can eat at 11 p.m., all other Barnard students can eat at 11:30 pm, and the rest of the CU community can scrounge the remaining Ape Tit at midnight. À Bientôt!

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  1. Anonymous  

    "in the order that Barnard likes you". Priceless Bwog, priceless.

  2. Anonymous

    20th Century Paris...? Oh, Barnard.

  3. Anonymous  

    New CU student here. Will there still be good food left at midnight?

  4. Anonymous  

    typo: it's déjeuner, not déjuener

  5. Anonymous  


  6. Anonymous  

    " tour the Eiffel Towel"

    man that must be one huge-ass towel

  7. Anonymous

    ill take "ape tit" for 400

  8. Anonymous

    Just curious if Columbia gives preferential treatment to its students for anything student activity related?

  9. bc alum

    True story: Orgo Night at Barnard taught me Hava Naglia.

  10. Anonymous

    Who knew vegan ice cream could be THAT bad?

  11. lover of breakfast

    Ain't nothing petit about Midnight Breakfast.

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