Overheard: When Shower Snacks Go Awry

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The Shower Snack: all the convenience of Purell meets the efficiency of a disco nap.

Think your roommate’s bad? You may be down a stapler and up a few passive-aggressive handwritten notes, but it’s nothing compared to the adversity that some of our classmates apparently face in their dorm rooms each and every day. A concerned tipster reports overhearing the following roommate complaint, in a Starbucks:

“I wish I could just get out of the shower and eat my box of Cheeze-Its. She’s always in my face about washing the shampoo chemicals from my hands before I eat my Cheeze-Its.”





Unnecessarily eerie representation of a harmless situation via Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. bwog it's

    only because o love you that I let you know: 'Cheez-It,' not 'Cheeze-It'

  2. Anon  

    What a bitch. She needs to leave you alone so you can eat them in peace!

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