The One Where They Sign Into Hartley

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Bwog was a 90s kid—we spent a lot of our youth pretending to be sick so we could stay home and watch Friends (until [email protected] came on, at least). We were thusly titillated by the following tip, sent in by fellow Central Perk Pundit Grace Rosen: 

What happened to Monica's sweet rent-controlled apartment?


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  1. this is  

    hilarious. I need sleep.

  2. Chandler signing in Monica..?  

    ---cue audience reaction--

  3. Anonymous  


    • g-money

      Sticks and stones may break my bones but down votes correspond directly to my sense of self worth.

      As for the rest of you, thank you! You know it's always been my dream to be bwogfamous. I'd like to thank the Academy and Conor Skelding.

  4. Chandler

    Could I BE any more subtle?

  5. Actually

    It's Ms. Chanandler Bong.

  6. harhar  

    I always thought was pretty hilarious that this whole system exists when there's absolutely no confirmation that anything the person signing in writes is accurate. Usually I just put some random loops into all the boxes. Either they should just have you flash your Columbia ID then take your guests, or the security guard should do the writing- or better yet we should pretend it's almost 2012 and move the whole thing off paper.

    Actual questions: Are these log books ever reviewed at all?

  7. Anonymous  

    hahaha, I miss watching Friends on Thursday nights...

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