A Man of the People

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A short while ago, a tall, well-dressed, middle-aged man strolled into Butler and started handing out candy canes to disheveled students. Grinning and making polite conversation, he proceeded confidently from the café to the third floor. Bemused bookworms naturally sent a flurry of tips, having cottoned on to the fact that this was not another beneficent alumnus, but rather our very own Deantini (aided by CCSC Prez Aki Terasaki). Why on this night does the Dean dole out delights? Because he can.

Saint Tini

Caught red-and-white handed by FILO

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  1. anonyy  

    Dean V is the nicest guy around - seriously. You can tell he actually cares.

  2. Anonymous

    Haha at first I thought that girl was backin it up into Deantini. Glad to see you indeed have restraint, girl. I need sleep :(

  3. Alum

    I knew Dean Valentini since freshman year, and I never met a more down to earth, honest, awesome person. God bless this man.

  4. Anonymous  

    He was carrying the candy canes in a tote bag with Deantini embroidered on it

  5. ha  

    that girls face is priceless....GTFO, dentine behind me? i was just chillin with my coffee. ..

  6. now that i think about  

    moody adams' departure might've been one of the best things to happen to this college. because we got dean valentini.

  7. Anonymous  

    this is adorable

  8. Anonymous

    on all other nights, we eat only ramen. why on this night are we given candy canes?

  9. Anonymous

    if you had embraced your nickname, embraced your nickname and not given out candy, it would have been enough.

  10. I CAN'T STOP!

    how does only one bag of candy last all of butler? hmm...

  11. still can't....

    just about 7 weeks since fall break/ election day....

  12. never stopping.

    he was appointed to the position after someone left unexpectedly, is doing a great job, and then plotted in secret to thwart the attempt to make finals absolutely suck! i bet he's in cahoots with his uncle....

  13. these are getting much more strechted....

    on a student's trek through butler in search of a home, he came across temporary shelter.

  14. what about  


  15. Anonymous

    OMG WHAT A FANTASTIC DEAN!!!!! I don't think any other administrator has even ventured down into the depths of butler!!!

  16. that girl

    is quite attractive, in a blurry sort of way

  17. alum

    i wish i had the chance to have him as my dean!

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