Bwog in Bed: One Last Push

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You'll be on the highway headed home before you know it

The end is almost in sight. As our neighbors take off for home left and right, we bid you good luck heading into those last couple finals. It’s only a few more hours of misery and procrastination until freedom, but that doesn’t mean it was easy for Bwog to get out of bed this morning. We invite you to hop in with us once again as we dream about heading home and returning to some semblance of a well-rounded diet.

Bwogline: As part of a city-wide trend, the number of declared computer science majors at Columbia rose by 12% this year. Why would anybody want to do this? It looks like a growing startup culture in New York and a shift away from financial careers are to blame.

Finals tip: Don’t want to be distracted by Butler Goggles? “Forget” your contact lenses at home. Vision is overrated. #FinalsTips

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Stressbustyourself: Laugh! Laughter increases endorphin levels and strengthens your immune system, while reducing the levels of stress hormones. It can even ease pain!

Overheard: An uncharacteristically buff lad in the mechanical engineering lab:

I’m gonna finish this and go pick up my mommy (squeal) from JFK. You know, she doesn’t know how to get here. So I’m gonna go pick her up!

Little motorcycle that could via Wikimedia

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  1. brawny squealing  


  2. Anonymous

    Photos of this "uncharacteristically buff lad"?

  3. As for the Bwogline,  

    you say this like it's a bad thing. Isn't a trend toward startups and away from JP Morgan a good thing?

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