Overseen: How To Take A Class Without Actually Trying

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A tipster spotted the follow desperate measure during one of the last days of finals hell. So many questions—is this printing limit evasion? How can one textbook have so many pages? Dare we ask, are these single-sided? Also, just throwing it out there, the environment…? We’ll file this under “people we don’t want to stand behind in the Butler printer line,” and let you tackle the rest on your own.

Material manifestation of our worst textbook fever dreams (minus the part where rabid hydrocarbon chains spring to life from the page and menace our loved ones/cats)


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  1. Why did Marx

    have such a hard time in college?

    Class struggle!

  2. Anonymous  

    Ewwww.. fuck that.

  3. Anonymous


  4. anonymous


  5. Anonymous

    This wasn't in butler, it was in watt

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