HARDCORE: Behind The Scenes

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Deantini shmoozes with the band

The adorable back and forth between Deantini and Prof Mercer on set:

Deantini: She’s my favorite philosophy professor!
Professor Mercer: He only knows one.

Professor Mercer: I asked Jim if there was any chance he had ten minutes on a Friday morning—
Deantini: I had to clear my schedule, my meeting with the President, the Provost, the trustees. Angelina Jolie wanted to meet with me…

Professor Mercer: When I have a beer or get nervous my Texan comes out.


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  1. post finals clarity

    Has anyone noticed that bwog says "It's Bwog, not BWOG.", and yet the top of the page says BWOG?

  2. CC' 07

    This would not have happened when Quigley was dean.

  3. Anonymous

    Where is that room?

  4. GO BIG RED!!!!!

    ...oh wait.

  5. Anonymous

    "Bwog is on break."

    Every time I see this, my heart sinks a little bit.

  6. I'm not Texan but

    Christia Mercer please adopt me.

  7. HOW


  8. yo


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