John Jay Gutted, Possibly Improved

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First everyone’s favorite sandwich shop is closed for remodeling, and now everyone’s favorite dining hall the place you thought would be like Hogwarts until you tried the food is getting a makeover too. We saw some improvements on John Jay at the beginning of last semester, but it would appear that big changes are still to come. Maybe a sick hardwood floor? New tables, maybe with inset chessboards? Arcade systems? Fondue fountains?

We’ll let you know more as we find out, but if you’re on campus and happen to notice an earth-mover or army of construction workers, send us a picture. Happy Holidays!

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Thanks to Phillip Fletcher, CC ’13

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    • Anonymous

      So I've been saying the same thing myself for three years. Last break I found myself talking about dorm food with some friends from home; one guy from Brown had nothing but praise for the food there. I went to visit him later, and it was the same as (or even a bit worse than) John Jay food.

      I still have no desire to eat at John Jay, but I wonder how much of that is a consequence of being told "COLUMBIA FOOD SUX" the whole time I've been here.

      • funny

        ...i've visited brown a number of times. my friends there have nothing but criticism for the food, yet i found it LEAGUES better than john jay. Though, this was 3 years ago. As a senior, i have to give dining services some credit; the food is MUCH improved from food freshman year.

    • alum

      Appreciate it now. When else are you going to have so many choices plus unlimited bacon for brunch that your don't have to cook yourself?

  2. I don't care what it looks like


  3. the upgrade

    is that they're putting in a door on the east side of the hall for fire code purposes.

  4. Jared  

    They're getting rid of the tile that was put in during the 1970s and restoring the original floors.

  5. Stefan

    a dining hall employee told me that it was because they found bed bugs in the facilities. not really sure why he would say bed bugs, but either way it had to do with vermin being found.

  6. Anonymous

    John Jays food is by far the best in the ivy league. The other schools are much worse.

  7. alum

    does harvard still serve a continental breakfast (i.e. cold items only) due to the recession? i thought it was the funniest silliest thing that college students (first world problems) complained about hot vs. cold items or food quality when so many people in the world are without it. also--has anyone at columbia continued to fight about getting more local sourced, organic, non-corn subsidy food into the dining halls?

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