Making A List, Checking It Twice Only Once ‘Cause We’re Still Tired From Finals

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As per (sort of) tradition, we asked a select few of our favorite people what tops their holiday wish lists. Read on to find out how you can regift that bunny your mom got you again even though you already have like SIX…

  • Deantini wants a 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO, which he says has been what he’s wanted every year since he got his driver’s license. “But, more seriously,” he adds, “For my son, Corporal Colin Valentini, USMC, to return from Afghanistan unharmed.”
  • Spec wants a bunny, citing that bunnies are an essential component to any newsroom.
  • KevSho wants  to thank his amazing students for making Columbia an incredible place, and “may the puppies return next semester!” He also hopes to get some more “likes” to the new Columbia Student Affairs Facebook page, too…
  • For HANUKKAH (emphasis hers), Eliza Shapiro would like a sophisticated frame for her academic probation letter, and a reservation at Noma.
  • Bwog Tech wanted Claire to help Bwog Tech with its Econ final, since Bwog Tech knew Claire did it already, and Bwog Tech really didn’t want to fail that class.
  • Columbia’s resident Coner wants “These doods to play at Bacchanal” and the Nat King Cone Christmas album.
  • Pat of Hardcore fame wants this and for everyone at Columbia to know that every time he says he loves them he truly means it.
And since all Bwog really wants is a quick 90s throwback, and/or hair as shiny and thick as that of Zac Hanson…

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  1. Anonymous

    Deantini is the perfect human being! Best wishes to your son.

  2. Anonymous

    Nat King Cole? Or is that a joke that went over my head?

  3. seas '13

    can they please give deantini to us? please?

  4. Why do athiests and unitarians

    always prefer numbers as decimals rather than fractions?

    They're non-denominational!

  5. Anonymous

    Deantini is such a great guy. Proud to be associated with him.


    HANSON for Bacchanal 2012!!!!

  7. Anonymous

    I definitely listened to the Hanson Christmas album during the 90s. Love it.

  8. You Know Who I Hate?  


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