A gratuitous laughing panda for your viewing pleasure

Ivy League schools are under fire for animal abuse in their laboratories. Try to treat the subject of your next dissection with a little more kindness, k? (SFGate)

Working Muppets of All Countries, Unite! (Slate)

Thanks to some mice, we’re one step closer to developing a vaccine against the Ebola virus.

NYPD officers are in hot water for their Facebook comments about the West Indian American Day Parade: “They called people ‘animals’ and ‘savages.’ One comment said, ‘Drop a bomb and wipe them all out.'” (NYT)

According to some fancy film formula, Gremlins is, on average, the highest-grossing, best-received holiday film since 1981. (The Atlantic)

A Chuckling Ailuropoda melanoleuca via Wikimedia Commons