She obviously doesn't care, so why should you?

During the course of Newt Gingrich’s presidential campaign, do you often find that you don’t really have any idea what he’s talking about? You’re not alone, and Slate is here to help.

Meanwhile, Gingrich’s pal Rick Perry has pulled off an impressive feat: his latest campaign video, “Strong,” has already made the list of the top 5 most hated YouTube videos, with an impressive 600,00+ dislikes within about a week of being posted. Both he and Gingrich want to be in charge of our country, but like, whatever. (Gizmodo)

Tomorrow at 8 am scientists from CERN are scheduled to give an update on their hunt for the God Particle, and the world is abuzz with speculation. All it will determine is whether or not our current theory of how the universe works is correct, so not really a big deal. (NYT)

In much more surprising news, the 1% tend to be above a little stingier than the rest of the city when it comes to tipping deliverymen. (Gothamist)

Thinking about getting someone a Kindle Fire for Christmas? Maybe you shouldn’t. Or, maybe you should. I mean, it’s totally up to you, bro. (NYT)

Acting like it’s nbd via Flickr/SelenaBrooke