Like that frathlete you met a few weeks ago at the Heights, Bwog doesn’t really want to be exclusive right now. That’s why we’re bringing back BwogSalon, a feature in which we invite otherwriters into the Bwog Bubble. In the spirit of Enlightenment salons from centuries past, we asked campus publications to share an article from a recent issue. So sit back, don’t relax, and procrastinate your studies with the following piece from Hoot Magazine. If you’d like your publication to be considered for this feature, tell us!

Name of Publication: Hoot Magazine

Edition: Fall/Winter 2011 (Read the full issue)

Description: The Fall/Winter 2011 issue of Columbia University and Barnard College’s only fashion and lifestyle magazine, Hoot, is covered by Kelsey Chow (CC’14) and features an exclusive article by New York Times fashion critic, Cathy Horyn. Kelsey Chow stars in Disney XD’s original show Pair of Kings alongside Mitchel Musso and Doc Shaw. She got her start on the silver screen acting in One Tree Hill, and has a role in the upcoming Spiderman movie as well as a co-starring role in The Wine of Summer, which is currently filming.

Selected Article: Excerpt from the cover article on Kelsey Chow by Anna Cooperberg:

In spite of a flourishing career, Chow made an unconventional choice for many in her profession: attending college. As in acting, her dedication follows her in academic pursuits. “I have always loved school. I always knew I wanted to attend college, and I wanted to be somewhere that I would be inspired by faculty and students. “ As for Columbia, she has nothing but praise: “Columbia was also the perfect place because it is a smaller community inside this large, iconic city.” The CC’14-er is visibly excited about college, recounting memories and experiences from her first year here. Even the coursework was worth it, as she mentions “U-Writing re-introduced me to anthologies. One of my favorites is ‘The Paris Review.’” Like a true Columbian, she tells me that embarking on a “spontaneous trip with friends to the Brooklyn Bridge at midnight during a much needed break from studying for finals” is her favorite Columbia-unique experience.

Sound familiar? Chow is a diligent student, even though she regularly jets from coast to coast and has had to take semesters off due to her filming schedule. It is tough, she says, and the most difficult is “scheduling fittings, events and promotions for a new show in LA and in NY, [and] trying to take advantage of the unique opportunities I suddenly had presented to me in NYC while trying to make it to every class and taking advantage of such exceptional academic experiences.” But, she points out, “this was also the most rewarding part of my juggling act!”