Like that frathlete you met a few weeks ago at the Heights, Bwog doesn’t really want to be exclusive right now. That’s why we’re bringing back BwogSalon, a feature in which we invite other publications to share an article from a recent issue. So sit back, don’t relax, and procrastinate your studies with the following piece from The Journal of Global Health. If you’d like your publication to be considered for this feature, tell us!

Name of Publication: The Journal of Global Health (JGH)

Edition: Fall 2011, Volume 1, Issue 2

Mission: The JGH is committed to publishing original student research, spotlighting public health activism, and providing an international arena for addressing health problems throughout the world, both through its print publication and the new GlobalThink Forum on JGH Online.

Selected Article: “Faith Healing in Tanzania” discusses the rise of faith healing movements throughout regions of South America and Africa and attempts to elucidate their largely unknown impact on global health problems in local communities. The author takes a close look at the meteoric rise to fame of Babu, a faith healer from the village of Loliondo, Tanzania, who claims to have the power to cure HIV/AIDS in his followers. In a country where economic and political hardship has created a number of local faith healing movements throughout the years, Babu’s extraordinary claims and (undocumented) success stories have caused a firestorm in the media, with almost one thousand people from all over Africa visiting him daily.

Read the full JGH piece, “Faith: Friend or Foe?” here.