Update, 12:33 pm: The event is well underway. There are indeed milk and cookies, but the atmosphere is less than convivial and certainly not conducive to munching. Fifty first-years huddle around a teacher, who said to the silent, scribbling students, “Okay, now construct a thesis to go along with these points.”

Bwog knows how this sounds—but there’s basically a first-year paradise in Furnald this week. For school stuff.

RHLO, which is like a pilot student government for first-year dorms, is hosting study sessions throughout the week for all your bread and butter first-year classes. Check out the schedule: they’ve got Lit Hum, Frontiers, Calc III, and Gen Chem.

The first one is for Lit Hum, specifically on Genesis and Job, in the Furnald Lounge, from noon to 1 pm today. There will be cookies and milk and other snacks.