poster by Yanyi Luo

The ultimate study break with crafts, yoga, bluegrass, cider, Stressbusters, and PUPPIES galore is happening tomorrow! According to the Facebook event, a whopping 1200 people plan to attend. This is the stuff of community, folks! Bwog received official word on the crafts selection: expect glitter glue, princess stickers and “80s glam” sharpies, among other festive third grade throwbacks. And of course there will be puppies, well more like dogs, but cute ones nonetheless. “The dogs are coming” just doesn’t really have the same ring as “the puppies are coming”— it’s like “the British are coming,” but not. Anywho, the cutest breeds with the most adorable names will be there: 2 Golden Retrievers (Clara Belle and Daisy), a Norfolk Terrier (Jasper), a Cocker Spaniel Mix (Penny Lane), a Bearded Collie (name unknown), a Standard Poodle (Scout), a Westie (Maddie) and a Boxer (Mister Mattingly). We imagine that Mister Mattingly only responds to his full name. Because that would be swell.

Barnard and GS puppy enthusiasts are also welcome. There will be a sheet at each security desk for you to sign yourselves in. An “event host” aka puppy bouncer will be nearby in case you have any trouble, but it won’t feel like Saturday night at EC waiting awkwardly for someone to swipe you in. Puppies for all!

Here’s the schedule:

John Jay Lounge
1 pm – 3 pm: PUPPIES
1 pm – 4 pm: crafts, bluegrass, and hot drinks
3 pm – 4 pm: Yoga taught by Zoe LePage, BC’13, a Yoga alliance certified instructor. The Art of Living club will provide mats, but if you have your own then please bring it!

Furnald aka Fur-nald Lounge
1 pm – 3 pm: PUPPIES
1 pm – 4 pm: Stressbusters back rubs, crafts, hot cocoa, and cider.

Basically, it’s gonna be epically wonderful and insane. And you should come. Promise no one will judge your unwashed hair and subtle stank. It’s about the puppies. And capital C Community.