It’s that time of the year again. We whip out our handkerchiefs, and pen some prose in honor of the changing Managing Board of the Columbia Daily Spectator. Congratulations to departing Editor Sam Roth, Managing Editor Michele Cleary, and Publisher Aditya Mukerjee, and a hearty welcome to the new fearless leaders. Pinkberry all round!

Editor in Chief: Sarah Darville

Managing Editor: Maggie Alden

Publisher: Alex Smyk

Campus News Editor: Sammy Roth

City News Editor: Finn Vigeland

Editorial Page Editors: Andrea García-Vargas and Lanbo Zhang

Arts & Entertainment Editor: Abby Mitchell

Sports Editors: Jeremiah Sharf and Rebeka Cohan

Design Editors: Maya Fegan and Isaac White

Head Copy Editor: Abigail Fisch

Photo Editor: Zara Castany

Multimedia Editor: Justine Hope

Spectrum Editor: Stephen Snowder

Editor in Chief of The Eye: Ashton Cooper

Art Director of The Eye: Cathi Choi

Managing Editor of The Eye for Features: Anneliese Cooper

Managing Editor of The Eye for Optics: Meredith Foster

Staff Director: Tala Akhavan

Technology Director: Jake Davidson

Alumni Director: Rob Frech

Finance Director: Daniela Quintanilla

Sales Director: Rex Macaylo