Yesterday, Serious Eats’ subsection Slice, which examines pizza, checked out the admittedly barren Morningside pizza scene.

Lopez-Alt compares V&T’s and Sezz Medi’, settling on V&T’s. Why?

V&T is not “good” pizza, period. The crust is floppy, it’s way out of balance, the ingredients are pretty low quality, I mean, the sauce has some brightness and flavor, but that’s about all you can say about it. On the other hand, by the standards of greasy, stuff-your-face, perfect-for-a-night-after-college-style-drinking pie, it’s pretty stellar.

It’s good “bad” pizza, if you will, and it performs admirably at its task.

Medi’, on the other hand

aspires to be “good” pizza. […]  However, it falls pretty short of the great heights that really good Neapolitan pizza can reach. It’s a bit cracker-y and it’s got decent charring, but the dough’s a little bland. The mozzarella is classified as fresh, but it seems like the low-quality fresh stuff that you can get sitting in cryovacked packages in the supermarket.

It’s bad, “good” pizza.

Lopez strikes on a profound truth. Good, sloppy, “bad” pizza, beats pretentious, bad, “good” pizza any day. As long as that day is Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, and it’s actually night.

Saucy thing via Serious Eats