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House of Lies premiered last Sunday night, and nestled in between raunchy lesbian bathroom sex and unbridled elitism was this little gem of an exchange. You might think it sounds familiar, and you’d be right—the ‘ole “is Barnard part of Columbia?” debate has found its way onto a national stage.

Skip ahead to 24:00.

Bwog is confused. Is Jeannie a Barnard Alum diligently reinforcing the position that Barnard is rightfully included under the Columbia umbrella, or is she a College (Business Psych major, so not SEAS) alum offended by the association? Perhaps more importantly, how does she feel not being able to use Flex/Dining Dollars anymore…?

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  1. What the heck?

    How the hell did LionShare get onto the tags?

  2. thankfully

    no one is gonna watch this bullshit show

  3. Anonymous

    nah bwog. she is clearly saying that barnard IS columbia.

  4. Anonymous  

    she clearly went to barnard. just because she has sweatpants that say columbia down the side doesn't mean she's got the CU tag.

  5. Anonymous

    ugh give this argument a rest. The only people who care are the ones who haven't done anything useful since they got into college and people who haven't bothered making friends in different schools.

  6. Anonymous

    kristen bell is hot.

    too bad this show is complete and utter garbage.

    also, shotime is not on basic cable. :'(

  7. Jean-Ralphio

    cuz I am FLUUUUUUUUSHED with caaaaash

  8. Twitch

    She could be Columbia (CC/SEAS...or that other school for the old folk and jts) and offended at the suggestion that she's Barnard.

    Frankly, that seems to me what's going on. She doesn't say Barnard's Columbia.

  9. holy shit.

    unbridled elitism is right. unbridled sexism, too. unsure if it's purposeful caricature for the sake of satire, or if they're actually just pompous dicks.

    eh. always fun to watch pompous dicks fuck up, I guess.

  10. also...

    obligatory HOMELAND IS FUCKING AWESOME!!! watch that instead of this garbage. claire danes is hot too! shotime! etc. etc.

  11. ugh bwog

    did we really have to start the semester with this tired and useless argument? c'mon bwog, enough.

  12. WHY?

    Forget the Barnard/Columbia argument...why the fuck is anyone making a show about MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS? And who chose to air this garbage? This is the dregs of television, and yes, that includes the Desperate Housewives of Whatever.

    • ...  

      oh i dunno... perhaps the fact that some of america's most trusted names in big business made a little boo-boo and now the public imagination has been captured by this idea of a ruthless business elite? i'm not terribly impressed with the writing, but the concept is great ... never before has the world of wall street and the consultants that feed off it captured so much attention. most people have no idea how that world works, and these producers stepped right in with a drama to try and fill that void. i think it's a great concept.

      the execution, on the other hand, is a bit cheesy.

      • Anonymous

        Made a little boo-boo?! You are referring to the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression a 'little boo-boo'?? Ok so you know nothing about economics AND good television.

  13. I definitely

    Heard it as her saying she went to Columbia. Unless one of the writers is a Barnard grad w a chip on their shoulder the other way seems a little ridiculous.

  14. Anonymous

    Bwog, please stop this Barnard vs Columbia stuff!

  15. everyone

    needs to calm the fuck down. Bwog isn't seriously doing Barnard "vs." Columbia.



    o happy day!

  17. i think it's obvious?

    She has to be from Barnard. Why would someone randomly suggest she was from Barnard if he/she hadn't read it somewhere, say a resume? No offense to Barnard, but when I make wild speculations about where someone went to school, I wouldn't pick Barnard.

    Pick a women's college. I don't think Barnard is the first to come to mind.
    Name a NYC college. Again, I don't think Barnard is the first hit.

    • I disagree....  

      It makes total sense that he would assume Barnard. A huge percentage of the people who go into finance are from Ivies. If he knew she was from NYC, or went to school in NYC, then odds are he'd focus on Morningside Heights.

      I read it as a little prod from him. He's assuming that, because she's a woman who went to a NYC Ivy, she went to Barnard. Or he wants to make her think that's what he's assuming to get a rise out of her, which he seemed prone to doing. And it worked--she got defensive and shot back "Columbia!"

    • Anonymous

      @I think it's obvious--

      On the one hand, I don't want to sink to your Columbian level of appraising a college's value (i.e., the attribute that would make it "come to your mind) in its selectivity/competitiveness.

      On the other hand, as a student who is similarly committed as any "truer" Columbia student to being informed, I'd like to inform you that Barnard is statistically the most selective women's college in the world, so if it doesn't come to your mind first, that's your problem, not Barnard's.

    • Anonymous

      *sorry, in the nation. (not sure how schools like Girton at Cambridge measure up)

  18. Anonymous

    Culture industrial is shit

  19. Twitch

    If a woman mentioned they went to Columbia, and an arrogant asshole wanted to put her down by assuming it was Barnard.

    Also, bashing Barnard isn't sexist. The reason we can bash Barnard is that women can go to Columbia. The ones who can't get in ("OMG I know a girl in my class that got into Columbia and CHOSE to go to Barnard, waaaaaa") but pretend like they did deserve to be ripped on.

    See further: List College, JTS.

  20. timewarner

    Showtime is not basic cable. It's a premium channel.

  21. Anonymous  

    I was promised raunchy lesbian sex... Disappointed.

  22. Who cares?

    We're all unemployed anyway!

  23. Anonymous

    Not even gonna try to argue this one. It really is, but those who came in just because it was CU transfer out pretty quickly. Then again, 3 transferred into CC last year, so is it really that much of a back door?

  24. Barnard '14

    HA, whatever TV. Your Columbia v. Barnard blitzing attempt is like a ginger toddler compared to the full-grown awesomeness of LIFE (also, the internetz - thank you, Barnard-bashing anonymous posters.)

    ** Note: The jokes we Barnard students make about ourselves in the corner of our 60s-era cafeteria are awesome. Just saying. The chips on our shoulders are more hilarious than yours.

  25. Bronard

    what would happen if Barnard was an all-boys school and Columbia was formerly an All-Girls school that eventually went Coed? Would I feel ashamed of going to "Bronard"? Would Columbia girls look down at me 'cause I'm not Ivy, and would the guys give me bad looks if I were hitting on a Columbia girl in a 2:1 guy to girl world?

  26. Anonymous  

    I really hope that I can register for GIVING A FUCK this semester, but it appears that all sections are full. GODDAMNIT.

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