Boringside Heights: New Year, Same Heights

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Whether you’re now in a taxi from LaGuardia just in time for your first class, or you’ve been scrubbing double-sided poster tape off of your dorm walls all break long, the Carousel of Progress has marched on with naught a look your way in our fair neighborhood. Join Morningside Heights as it proudly struts its New Year’s stuffs:

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  1. E  

    also: duane reade increased the price of their budweiser tallboys from a remarkable $1.50 to a more standard $2.50. just an fyi.

  2. ...  

    you don't have to keep much of an eye out if i'm in any of your classes cos i'm "that guy" and if i'm in your class, you'll know...

  3. working class hero

    Dude, the credit card minimum at Pinnacle (I fucking refuse to call it Uni Cafe) used to be $3. INJUSTICE.

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