Bwoglines: While You Were Sleeping Edition

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Bwog (pictured above) wants you to feel as prepared for the first day of classes, news-wise, as we do. An edgy side part is, however, optional.

Wikipedia made the decision to black out on Wednesday for senior night to protest SOPA. (TIME)

Operation Ivy League’s Michael Wymbs enrolled at City College; cue a headline so punny even the hippest of the kids will have to do a hip little head lilt and think hard for a minute. (Gothamist)

Columbia word-play(a) virtuoso Finn Vigeland graces the NYT with another puzzle—just in time for us to awake post-noon the next day and attempt to solve it. For 10 minutes, from bed. With or without pants. Filed under: everyone wins. (WordPlay)

An NYU student raised some concerns about NYU’s own OWS class, by way of angry email. Seven of them, to be exact; bold-faced emphasis hers. (NYU Local)

GOP candidates convened in South Carolina to say the name “Reagan” a bunch of times in succession. Is that like a “Rabbit, rabbit” thing…? (NYMag)

Tickets for Coachella 2012—both of them, actually—sold out after only a few hours. Which simultaneously puts a lot of pressure on Bacchanal, and takes a lot of pressure off Columbians everywhere to threaten to “head out there” for the “sweet lineup,” as if we’d ever leave Butler so close to finals. (Brooklyn Vegan)

Depiction of our “business”-meaning eyes via Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. Anonymous  

    i missed you so much bwog

  2. Anonymous

    Is Bacchanal same weekend as Coachella?

    That means ASAP Rocky is booked :(. WE should move Bacchanal

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