Congress, Drop the SOPA

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Hey all,

Hope you’re settling back into your overheated dorms and are enjoying the (finally) seasonally appropriate weather. Bwog is looking forward to starting up this new semester, but before we really get into the swing of things, we want to take a moment to talk about something super cereal.

Bwog usually doesn’t take upon itself the task of meddling in the affairs of the corporeal world. We will try to feed you, of course; report campus news, sure; showcase snow penises, always. However, there comes a time when an issue arises that needs to be confronted—something more important than opening remarks (remember to tip those) and stereotyping your peers. SOPA, and the accompanying Senate bill PIPA, pose a threat to the current state of the internet, an internet where rage comics roam free, and all movies/TV shows are ripe for the plundering. Bwog needn’t go into (or pretend to understand) the specific policy critiques, but suffice it to say, anything that is going to rob the Internet of Reddit or Wikipedia, be it only for a day, is something worth fighting against. To that end, Bwog will not exist tomorrow from 8 am til 8 pm.



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  1. Anonymous  

    Bwog: not taking itself seriously enough since 1754.

  2. New Bwog Tagline

    We take the internetz seriously.

  3. interesting.

    I don't mean to detract from the seriousness of the political debate, or to imply opposition to the message that is being sent. But I think it's nice that the viewing public will have a vacation from bwog for a day. Everyone could use one once in a while.

  4. Anonymous

    Now there'll be at least one day on which Spec can confidently say they're the most visited student-run campus blog.

  5. Anonymous  

    Fuck SOPA and Rick Santorum!

  6. Anonymous


  7. Just FYI  

    All these sites (Reddit, Wikipedia, Bwog, etc.) aren't just blacking out to make a statement. If SOPA/PIPA pass, the government will be able to shut down any website that includes content (even if it was posted by a commenter/user) that someone claims is copyrighted. That would pretty quickly shut down Youtube, Wikipedia, Reddit, and probably even Bwog. So tomorrow's just a taste of what we'll all face if we don't kill these bills.

  8. What is needed

    to clean the internet of filth?


  9. ...  

    good god! how on earth can you take a political stance on something you don't even try to understand! good grief! blacking out because wikipedia and reddit are doing it is really no different than blindly voting for whoever some pundit on television tells you to.

    just sayin'

    i mean, SOPA is horrible... but really? seriously? reallly??

  10. Anonymous  

    such slackers bwog...

  11. Anonymous  

    yeah bwog, you guys SERIOUSLY think you're going to make a political statement? This is just you riding the wave

  12. Hey Bwog  

    ...you're still here and it's 8:08 am. What gives?

  13. Anonymous  

    bwog, never leave me ever again. <3 <3

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