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Are We the Only Ones Still Laughing?

Maybe. Probably. But self-awareness is a key step to recovery. It’s high time for another snow penis. A tipster from high atop the battlements of Wallach sends this dramatic before/after sequence. The saga unfolded last night:




After. Can you spot the difference?

Says the tipster: I looked out the window to see that someone was writing a love note to “Caitlin.”  Fifteen minutes later, the original artists had long disappeared and a penis had appeared in the message.

What bold participatory art! What a compelling juxtaposition of earthly and ethereal Aphrodite! Caitlin, you’re a lucky woman.

When’s the Bris?

Ladies and gentlemen: the first snow penis of 2012, erected proudly in the lawn in front of Hartley.

Make a wish!

Overseen: It’s A Bit Chili Outside, No?

As Winter Wonderland part deux is in session, Columbia Dining hastily makes preparations for the frigid winter. Amidst transporting hot leftovers to starving brunch-goers, someone couldn’t keep up and spilled the beans. As the powdery chaos continues, Bwog can’t help but feel like this snow day is missing something.

Chili Con Snow, anyone?

Winner Winner, Liquor Dinner

For those of you who have yet to open a window, it’s pretty darn snowy out. Bwog is excitedly lacing up our snowboots to go sledding in Riverside, but before we do, we have a winner to announce for our snow-pic snapping contest. The competition was fierce, but congratulations to tipster Lila Neiswanger, who sent in this fun double-picture creation at 2:59 am. As promised, Bwog will be contacting you soon for the beer you so rightly deserve!


The snowflakes in the right picture don't look so unique to us


Let the Pop-Psychology Begin

Was it a man desperately trying to assert his diminishing virility by grand public spectacle? Was it a woman whose deep-seated resentment manifests itself with obsessive depictions of the enemy? Was it an inebriated freshman who wanted to do something to show his new friends that he could be cool too, brah? We’ll probably never know.

BITCHES BE CRAZY by Anonymous (2011) Snow on grass

hat tip to Sophie Qian

Bwoglines: Anger in the Street Edition

Walmart Albany: Albany... it's the NYC of the future!

Bloomberg loves that The New Yorker thinks only Bloomberg can love Bloomberg, but New Yorkers love Bloomberg, too. (Cityroom)

Realizing how greatly the were outnumbered, Wal-Mart bailed on a City Council hearing regarding their own plans to open a store in East New York. (Gothamist, NYT)

Since the New York City schools chancellor attends school-closing hearings, New Yorkers have the satisfaction of heckling her to her face. (NY Post)

Cornell’s police broke-up their second annual “Epic Snowball Fight.” Some students retaliated, but fortunately the only casualty was a six-foot snow penis. (Cornell Daily Sun)

In Egypt, pro-Mubarak “protesters” and government thugs have been systematically stalking and beating foreign journalists. ABC news has a long list of all the attacks so far. (NYT, ABC)

New GI Bill makes vets pay for part of tuition. (Spec)

While You Were Sleeping

As you awake this morning to news of no snow day, we will attempt to comfort you with some cool pictures of Columbians frolicking around college walk (wearing varying degrees of appropriate snow clothes).

3-D Is All The Rage

While you were studying and/or throwing snowballs, the members of John Jay 11 were making one of the better examples ever of winter overcompensation.

Certainly more realistic than most of the stencils we’ve seen in past years.

Snow Penis Alert!

And 2009 has officially begun. The snow penis is back, complete with a heart in time for Valentine’s Day. Thanks to Jason Patinkin for the photo, and thanks to Columbia for the memories.

UPDATE: Apparently there’s another message in EC Courtyard – a message of love to Fruit Pauncher/Ferris Reel VP/all-around Bwog favorite Colin Drummond (picture after the jump). Colin asks us, “Who made the original message? I need a date to Winter Gala…” Bwog doesn’t know either, but it’s your move, ladies. (more…)

The Year’s First Snow Penis

Oh well, seasons greetings everyone! The holidays have truly begun here at Columbia, as snow fun took a classically phallic turn. Masterful, simply masterful.

Thanks to Mason Fitch and Pierre Gergis for being so vigilant about looking out for this special moment. 

Cock and Balls Education

On a recent snow day, our correspondent Ady Barkan found the definitive proof that going to business school is a whole load of cock.