To Be Young and in Love

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Looking for love in NYC sure is tough. That’s why you’ve gotta know what you’re looking for and go for it, directly. With a want-ad. This “strong and beautiful soon-to-be working woman” has no qualms about that. So if you’re male, handsome, and know how to massage feet

An alternative to OKCupid

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  1. i miss  

    my ex boyfriend :(

    columbia, whatever lure you put in place this semester, please return him to me.

    one unhappy girl.

  2. Anonymous

    None of the guys at Columbia will make it past the headshot.

  3. Medusa of the Gorgons  

    I made this flier

  4. Anonymous  

    It's really sad, because there are so many lonely people here at Columbia who are just to shy to talk to "that" person (absolutely everyone has a "that" person")

  5. Hmm

    > implying I don't look absolutely fit while making Dean's List every semester

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