Overheard: Clean Consciences

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A bougie, white, early 30s, peacoat-wearing couple enters Oren’s.

Man: We would like to buy coffee beans.

Oren’s barista: Okay, let me show your over here.

M: Before you start, I just wanted to make sure that it was fair trade.

OB: Well no, it’s actually better than fair trade.

M: What?

OB: It’s actually direct trade. Oren actually meets the farmers and negotiates a price, cuts out the middleman.

M: Hmm, that sounds fine.

They continue to talk about coffee bean sourcing until the man settles on a pound and a half. Sometimes TV is real life…

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  1. Anonymous  

    this isnt related (sorry) but what are some websites i can turn to to buy books from columbia students who have already taken various classes? amazon.com just isnt giving me good prices for used books

  2. Anonymous  

    Portlandia ftw!

  3. Anonymous  

    this was such a great episode of Portlandia!

  4. thought of this

    before I scrolled down to the video. Very satisfied Bwog has similar tastes in referencing pop culture. Also, Portlandia is now on Netflix streaming. The show is now OVER!!

  5. No more free Portlandia...


    I miss Megavideo!

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