1. Anonymous

    foreskins are ugly

  2. Anonymous  

    bwog needs to grow up, or at least get over this penis fixation

  3. Anonymous  

    Those scrotal wrinkles are impeccable

  4. Anonymous  

    Hmmm...Apparently girth is more important than length for this...artist?

  5. Displeased Mother

    I am appalled by the vulgar display of what appears to be a fantastic penis. I mean, very uncouth bwog, I am absolutely disgusted! My daughter goes here, what is going on here? This makes me sooo angry, I just want to visit this fantastic erect penis and simply sit on it, and oh i dont know maybe put it in my mouth. But seriously bwog, this is disgraceful. So disgraceful, and hot, and wet and mmmmm deliciosio, and I want to stroke it with my snow gloves. very disgusting and awesome, so so awesome and deliciosio.

  6. HAHAHA  

    These comments are AMAZING!!! and so is the picture

  7. Sometimes I wonder  

    if, after a certain amount of penis-less time has passed, Bwog sends its agents out into the cold to erect a snow statue themselves. You know, for consistency's sake.

    • ...  

      they actually have a secret contract with the office of residential life. bwog is responsible for publishing evidence of a minimum of ten displays of irreverent, carefree, yet sophisticated and intelligent behavior consistent with a slightly edgy, yet non-malicious and politically correct arrchetype befitting of cultured students at a world class university situated in a world class city. in the event that these acts are not perpetuated by the students themselves, bwog is contractually obligated to stage them in an effort to build community tropes, which have been shown to significantly reduce student suicides and fast food consumption. the snow-penis has been studied to death since the inception of the alice!(tm) health program at columbia in 1978 and is specifically called out in this contract. researchers with alice(tm) and the school of public health expect to publish a peer reviewed paper on the effectiveness of the snow-penis as community symbol to improve student health sometime in 2013.

  8. Anonymous

    That's very clearly a circumcised dick. So, bris is in the past.

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