2016 Posts Regrettable Things on Facebook, Again

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Last semester, after Early Decision results went out, we checked in on the Class of 2016’s Facebook page. We expected to be, uh, entertained; we were not disappointed. So last week, when Regular Decision stats were announced, we thought maybe that the 2016 Facebook’s page had had time to ferment. Again, we expected something to chuckle at. Indeed, we must hand it to you, 2016. You not only outdid our expectations, you outdid yourselves.

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  1. Ugh

    Were we such jackasses too?

  2. URC  

    Ugh. Now we're all gonna another e-mail reminding us that the FB group is confidential etc etc etc

  3. Anonymous

    They are cute! Come on! Let them have some fun and anticipation.

  4. '16

    For the record, many of us are not this outwardly assholian. Especially those of us that haven't written much at all on the facebook page. Also, can something be said about the 17 friend requests I have sitting there from fellow 2016-ers that I have never met before?

  5. CC'13

    "my parents were really lazy"...i hope you learn a little more accountability soon or college is going to kick your ass

  6. 2012  

    where the fuck is boreadatbutler???

  7. 2012  

    no class can top 2012 and stephan vincenzo's sexxx in the city party plan

  8. 2015er  

    lol why is my post in an article about the 2016 fb group?

  9. The best  

    One was "Who here likes coffee?!?!?! :D" That one's my favorite so far from the 2016ers.

  10. old person

    These are nowhere near as embarrassing as 2011's "Columbia works hard but parties harder!!" group.

    Example 1:
    "WERE STILL GONNA DO IT BIG NEXT YEAR... just in case anyone was wondering.

    THIS IS ABOUT TO BE NY-freakin-C, international capitol of all things fabulous and crazy! WE'VE GOTTA MEASURE UP!"

    Example 2:
    "Yo so i'm sure i know most of you by now, but i think we all know that the parties have been struggling a lil bit here since school started....Pike was great cus of the alcohol but i think we can do better...So i know a house we can throw a party at, so who wants to help me throw the first freshman party of the year? we need to make our name known"

  11. Hmm  

    I find these heartbreaking, to be honest.

    - CC '12

  12. Come on.  

    I find this to be very upsetting. These are high school seniors who recently found out that they got into COLUMBIA. Let them be excited about it without patronizing their enthusiasm. I for one have had just as phenomenal an experience here as I anticipated back when I was posting on the 2014 Early Decision group. Congratulations, Class of '16. Soak it up.

    • Anonymous

      :) You're the first person that has said something remotely nice, so thank you. I didn't say anything near any of the above posts, but I still think its a little harsh to bash us like that. We're just trying to get to know each other and have a little fun. :/ Don't discourage us before we step foot in the door. It almost makes you guys seem pretentious and condescending, like you don't remember being an eager, naive college freshman.

  13. Dude,  

    if you "forgot" to apply for FinAid, you probably don't need it.

  14. 9gagger  

    cant wait to cross-reference these kiddos with the various College Freshman memes!

  15. Anonymous

    Facebook? What's facebook?

  16. equally mortified 2016er

    you missed this gem:

    "Finding it hard to maintain my valedictory status with all this lack of motivation... O_o #collegetimeyet?"

  17. Anonymous

    LOL! we sound like toolbags.

  18. Anonymous  

    BAHAHA good find

  19. CC '14

    You guys are making us sound like even bigger jackasses. Let them enjoy their acceptances - they're excited! That was each and every one of you at one point.

  20. '16

    So...upperclassmen...are you making fun of us because you all hate it here, or because prefrosh are annoying?
    I'm totally okay with the second one but if everyone at Columbia hates it, that really worries me.

    • CC '14

      The latter. I don't actually find prefrosh (or first semester frosh) that annoying, just... okay, yeah, maybe annoying. Mostly naive and with much to learn about the world. Plus they don't know how to drink.

    • Read the last article  

      The last piece on you guys makes it clear: hating on pre-frosh being overly excited is one of the few traditions we hold dear. You'll be in the same shoes next year, and you'll see what exactly we mean. If you want to get a better understanding of Columbia, read Bwog comments and understand the school fosters an environment that promotes this sarcastic bashing. It's the best.

  21. '16

    I stopped posting in that group after I saw the first article, in fear that one of my comments would make it into another one.

  22. CC '16

    It's like believing in Santa; Let us believe in whatever the hell we want. We will find out eventually.

  23. who cares?

    as an incoming freshman, I am so happy that I'm not the only one who thinks the posting is a bit ridiculousness...

  24. Anonymous

    Ugh · 51 2 · 25 January 2012 at 5:53 pm · Reply · Track
    Were we such jackasses too?

    ps- you still are

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